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Litigation and Complex Dispute Resolution

As today’s commercial environment becomes tougher and tougher, our clients are forced to deal with more and more difficult and contentious decisions. For example, do you commit to an existing obligation or follow a new venture? Should short-term needs outweigh longer-term plans? Are obligations to current business partners no longer the best way forwards? Invariably, these decisions give rise to disputes that must be resolved.

Of course, while we are equipped to litigate, going to court is never our default response. We start every dispute with a clear, dispassionate overview of your options, and be it personal or commercial, our approach is the same. Assimilate the facts and lay out the options because the means of resolution can be as diverse as the issue themselves. We are ready to be as measured and diplomatic or as forceful as the situation demands.

Our intention is not only to arrive at a bespoke solution but a value-based one too. We believe in delivering a return on investment and think that lawyers should not only provide excellent service but take a more pro-active approach to cost than ever before. It is why we have strong links to third party litigation funders who can help manage the risk involved in large-scale litigation.


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