Dispute Financing, Litigation Due Diligence

Alternative funding arrangements are not just for those who cannot afford to pay legal fees.  They offer an alternative to the traditional hourly rate retainer, and can be used to enable businesses and individuals to mitigate all or part of the legal costs risks.  They can also be used to redress the balance between parties where one is significantly better resourced than the other.

Alternative funding is a rapidly evolving area in which we have been at the forefront of innovation.  There are a variety of alternative fee structures that are now available, and an established industry comprising insurance companies and third party funders who offer a range of products and services aimed at mitigating the costs risk of pursuing or defending legal disputes.  As a firm, we are experienced in working with clients on a wide variety of different fee structures, often alongside third party funders and insurers.  If alternative funding is of interest to you, we will be happy to discuss the options which may be available for your case and, where appropriate, effect an informal introduction to possible third party funders and insurance brokers.


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